Seder in the Time of Coronavirus – Resources

Why is this Night Different from all other Nights? Oh, please. Don’t get me started.

Okay, get me started….

Due to the current plague [oh, the irony], many of us of are planning to connect via technology for our seders this year. This is an unprecedented situation in our modern world, where an actual plague is rendering us unable to gather as usual to celebrate with each other around crowded tables. Luckily, it’s also unprecedented in that we have extraordinary technology available that will allow many of us to at least gather online.

Here are some resources to help you in planning for this most unusual year:

How to Host a Virtual Seder During a Pandemic Ten great tips for creating a meaningful and fun online seder experience!

Make Your Own Haggadah If you’re feeling ambitious and want to customize a haggadah to your family’s specific needs and wants. Or if you just need a project. 🙂

A Wonderful Online Haggadah If you just want to click and be done. Free download.

Children’s Haggadah Available for purchase or free download.

A Quarantine Haggadah Companion Creative ideas for seder during quarantine.

Remember that our ancestors were required to stay in their homes while the Biblical plagues raged outside. The parallels between the Passover story and today’s reality are striking, making this undeniably an apt holiday to be holed up in our homes in a similar circumstance.

Get creative. Relax some of the standards you would ordinarily set for your seder if the coronavirus makes them impossible or ridiculously difficult. Practice your Zoom connections ahead of time. Be patient. Appreciate and love each other.

And from an unknown source, I share with you 4 Questions for 2020 to utilize at your online seders:
1) Can you hear me?
2) Can you see me?
3) Is your video on?
4) Can you mute?

A crazy zisn Pesach (sweet Passover) to all!
Cantor Jacqui

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