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Are you looking for a progressive Rabbi or Cantor to officiate your Jewish or interfaith wedding?

Cantor Jacqui will meet with you as many times as you require, guide you through a discussion of the various elements of a Jewish wedding, and support you in deciding which elements to include or adapt to make your ceremony exactly right for both you as a couple and your extended family.

You will not need to hire a singer separately as Cantor Jacqui’s breathtaking voice enthralls all who have the pleasure of hearing her sing.

After one of Ahava’s weddings, a couple remarked that, “The B and B we stayed in [for our wedding night] overlooks the [outdoor garden] venue, and the owner of the house overheard the ceremony and said it was the most beautiful, warm, and intimate ceremony that she’s ever seen in the 40 years that she has lived there.”

The ceremony will reflect your unique relationship and love story as a couple, and will make all family members feel included.  It will be the ceremony of your dreams!

— Ahava is proud to officiate same sex and interfaith weddings —


Do you need a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah ceremony officiant?

A Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremony at which Cantor Jacqui officiates will fill you with wonderful memories to last a lifetime! The service will follow the overall course of a traditional prayer service, but will also be specially tailored to the tastes, desires, and religious ideology of the Bat/Bar Mitzvah student and his/her family.

You will have the opportunity to choose Hebrew prayer melodies and English prayer readings, and to decide how much of the service you would like the Bat/Bar Mitzvah to lead. Also, Cantor Jacqui will encourage the participation of as many family members and friends as you would like to incorporate into the service, and ensure that your Bat/Bar Mitzvah student shines!


A Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremony may take place at any of the times Torah is traditionally chanted: Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon (very late in the afternoon/early evening is fine), Monday morning (works well on a long weekend), Thursday morning, or the occasional Sunday morning when a Jewish holiday or new moon falls on that date.


A Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremony may take place in your home, in your backyard, under a tent, in a chapel, at a function room in a hotel, at a country club, in a historic home, at a Jewish day school, or in a restaurant.


Are you searching for an exceptionally talented Bat/Bar Mitzvah tutor?

Cantor Jacqui is a talented tutor who brings her sensitivity and sense of humor to her work with those studying to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. No previous religious education is required, and tutoring can take place in person or online.

Not only does Cantor Jacqui make it fun, but she is extremely skilled at intuiting and implementing what each student requires to succeed, including those with a wide range of special needs. She has tutored hundreds of students and, as she is fond of telling those who feel nervous when they begin their studies, “Exactly none of them has failed – do you think I’m going to let you be the first one?!”

Cantor Jacqui’s soul is truly with the kids. She loves working with and creating strong attachments with her students, and your son or daughter will emerge with wonderful, positive memories of the entire process. She is the fun cantor you wish you had as a child!


Jewish mourning focuses on comforting the living, and Cantor Jacqui will explain the traditional components of Jewish mourning and incorporate into your loved one’s memorial service those elements that offer consolation to you.

A memorial service at which Cantor Jacqui officiates is a moving and deeply spiritual experience. Her soothing voice will bring you comfort, as well as make your loved one’s service a poignant memory.


This short naming ceremony is usually held in the home of the parents or grandparents, with friends and other relatives invited to share in the occasion. As always, Cantor Jacqui will incorporate beautiful melodies and prayers, along with participation by parents, grandparents, and other special friends and family.


If you have 2-4 youngsters approximately the same age, Ahava will teach the group online. Learning pods can meet weekly, biweekly or monthly, for the duration of a full school year, for one semester only, for one quarter only, or even one time only for a special event! Ahava is flexible and allows you to incorporate this learning into your life however it works best for you.

The learning pods will be tailored to the needs and wants of the group. Most importantly, you choose the subjects and decide the schedule!

Sample course topics include, but are not limited to:

-Jewish Music, Holidays, Humor, Heroes, or History
-Being a Mensch (a person of integrity and honor)
-Hebrew reading
-Trope (melodies for chanting the Bible)
-Mitzvah project planning

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