A Wedding In Jerusalem… And Honeymoon Israel

What an exciting month for my family!

My nephew was married in Jerusalem on December 24th, and most of our extended family was there! It was a wonderful, amazing experience that I will remember and cherish always.

My nephew and new niece are religiously traditional, as was their wedding celebration.  For couples who are less observant than my nephew and niece, a Jewish wedding in Israel can present challenges, as all family life matters are controlled by the ultra-orthodox leadership rather than the government. There is no such thing as a civil wedding ceremony in Israel, and all Jewish weddings must follow Orthodox strictures.

While secular Jews here in the US are not bound in the same way, many still report having a difficult time finding Jewish clergy to officiate interfaith ceremonies.

Do you know someone who was engaged recently and is looking for a Jewish or interfaith wedding officiant?

Please let them know that Ahava not only performs both Jewish and interfaith ceremonies, but is honored to do so! Ahava takes great pride in crafting beautiful, moving wedding ceremonies that make all family members feel wholly embraced, included, and entirely comfortable with the process and event.

Jewish and Interfaith Weddings by Ahava
In other news…

Many of you are probably familiar with Birthright, the popular no-cost group trips to Israel for young adults. What you may not know is that the age limit was very recently raised to 32! Tell your friends!

Less widely known than Birthright are excursions offered through Honeymoon Israel, which provides heavily discounted trips to Israel for married couples or committed life partners! At least one partner must be Jewish, and at least one partner must be between the ages of 25-40. If married, you must be married less than five years. Tell your friends!

Wishing my nephew and niece, along with all couples newly married or engaged, a hearty mazel tov!

Cantor Jacqui

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